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When life leaves you weary

on July 29, 2020

The screensaver on my phone seesaws between two pictures- the first, a warrior girl armed with sword and ready for battle standing alongside a mighty lion. The second, a young girl snuggled into the fur of a lion- she sleeps soundly while the lion watches over her protectively.

Both pictures are reminders that I am never alone!… that in the moments when God calls me to put my brave on and head into the spiritual battle, I go with the mightiest of warriors by my side… and that when I feel tired, weary, broken, there is a place of rest in the nearness of my Saviour.

I love that God uses imagery to make Himself known to us. Psalm 91 describes God covering us with His feathers and that under His wings we well find refuge. God is continually drawing us to Himself, bringing us close and offering a place of safety and rest. The bible is full of scriptures describing His nature and character as one who we can run to for comfort, shelter and protection. God reveals Himself as our refuge and strength, our strong tower (Psalm 61:3).

When life leaves us feeling weary and overwhelmed, when we feel fragile and alone… there is a sanctuary awaiting us. A place where we are known deeply and truly, a place where we are loved extravagantly and a place where we are protected and fought for.  We can choose to run to Him and let His presence covers us like a great wing… but the choice of where we find refuge is always ours.

It’s been an uncertain year for all of us, but one thing remains unchanging- Jesus is so close, He will hold and watch over us. The Great Warrior lets us nestle in close and He does not slumber as we find rest for our weary souls.

Today I feel weary, so I will nestle in close to God, knowing He is my safe place, knowing He watches over me, knowing He will take my burden and give me rest. And when it’s time… I’ll go back out to battle knowing the Great Warrior, Almighty God goes before me, behind me and beside me. I am never alone.





3 responses to “When life leaves you weary

  1. Leisel Gray says:

    Such a great reminder Tam x Thank you


  2. Noreen says:

    At this difficult time it’s nice to have the reminder that our god is with us


  3. Barbara (Mum) x says:

    As always a timely reminder of how great is our God


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