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Coming home

on December 8, 2021

Sometimes intimacy and connection with God can feel like a difficult process. Another thing on the already crowded to do list. Or perhaps our hearts long for this but we just find ourselves drifting with the tides of life. Suddenly we look and the distance between us and God feels too big to bridge. We can get disappointed with ourselves and feel undeserving of Father God’s love. Or perhaps we’re so busy trying to impress God with good works, knowledge, and religiosity that we forget there’s a relationship to be had.

I’ve felt all of these things in my walk with God. Never measuring up can feel like a big mountain to climb. It can cause us to run to many things for love and approval. It can actually drive a wedge between us and Father.

Henri Nouwen cuts to the heart of it when he says:

‘I am the prodigal son every time I search for unconditional love where it cannot be found.’


God has had me pondering the story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) for many months now. It’s one that grips my heart with conviction of Father’s heart and Father’s deep longing for connection with us, His children.

I can so identify with the prodigal son who, after squandering all Father gives to him, decides he will come home as a slave. How many times have I sought God’s approval in good works, perfectionist tendencies and religious activities that have just left me feeling further from Father’s love. 

In the places where I’ve gone my own way, tried to do it on my own, Father is already looking…peering down the road, waiting for me. As I head home to offer myself as a slave of good works, Father comes running. He’s running to embrace me as a daughter.

Because the truth is I am Father God’s daughter, His beloved daughter. And how often I forget that!!!

And you are God’s son/ daughter, His beloved child who He waits for and longs to embrace in sonship.

What does it look like to stare down the road and see Father God running for you?

What does it feel like to head home feeling like a huge disappointment only to be embraced as a son/daughter?

What does it change as who you thought you needed to be is given a robe and a ring of sonship?

How often are you happy to eat the crumbs from Father’s table when you’re given a seat at the banquet?

Father is waiting for us. Calling us closer. Drawing us back to His unconditional love and to our place as sons and daughters. 

I pray you see Him peering down the road for you today.

Love and blessings!



2 responses to “Coming home

  1. summer69jb says:

    Beautifully said Tam. Gods abundant grace & extensive love are hard to comprehend & receive at times. But He always desires for us to draw near. X


  2. Sally Jones says:

    Love that Nouwen quote. Beautfully said, Tammy.


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