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God moments

on February 18, 2016
I LOVE that God meets us!!!!
I love that the bible is full of stories of God meeting man, of man meeting God… Of God breaking into the life of man and woman alike and breathing life into their stories. The bible is overflowing with story after story of God moments…defining moments where God shows up and everything is changed.
I had one of those moments myself recently. I was overwhelmed by the uncertainty of life, overloaded by what I seemed to be carrying, and unsure of the way forward. Things that I had dreamed for and believed for seemed a distant memory. I cried out to God in my despair. I questioned him about where to from here…have I missed it God? did I hear You wrong? I was feeling lost and confused…
And then God shows up and speaks a beautiful word of encouragement through the prayers of another. I am overwhelmed at God‘s ability to be so personal, to meet me in that moment and speak things over me that lift my eyes from the overwhelming… to hope.
I was reminded this week of another such God moment in Scripture. Mary Magdalene was in a place of despair. Her Lord and Saviour had been crucified on a cross. As if her pain and despair at this were not enough, she goes to His tomb and finds His body has been taken. She is in anguish, everything she dreamed of for her future is gone. She is overwhelmed by grief and uncertainty but God doesn’t leave her there. He longs to meet her in that place and as she asks the ‘gardener’ if he knows where they have taken Jesus’ body, He simply says her name… “Mary”. At that moment… as He speaks her name, revelation hits her and she knows this is Jesus.
I love this story on so many levels: the fact that her grief hinders her from recognising Jesus; the way that Jesus speaking her name, her true self, brings recognition of who He is; the intimacy in that moment as she is reunited with the one who loves her; and the fact that God would interject into that moment and meet her so beautifully and personally.
And that’s the beauty of God and His word. In the craziness of life, God longs to break in and meet us personally. He knows our story, the good, the bad, the hard, the mundane and He reaches down to meet us and bring revelation and truth. He speaks into us about our true self, He reveals Himself to us and He brings intimacy. He brings hope, comfort, clarity and purpose to our life, but most of all, He gives Himself.
I love that the same God written about in the bible thousands of years ago, longs to meet us in our story. He desires to meet us and invites us to take our place in the bigger God story that weaves in and out of the lives and stories of others. God meets us in the moments of our lives. And just like the people of long ago, they are moments that change us, moments of intimacy and connection where He reveals Himself to us.
I don’t want to just read about other people’s stories of meeting God. I want to encounter God for myself. I want to believe that He will break down every barrier possible to meet me and bring revelation and transformation in my life. And so I live my life with the windows of my heart open to Him, I desire Him, I am expectant for Him, and just like Mary Magdalene, I seek after Him.
My God is a God of intimacy. He longs to meet you, to interrupt the mundane. If I can encourage you with anything today, it’s that God wants to meet you, to break into your world and bring revelation and transformation. Your story is important to Him and He will breath life and adventure into it as He asks you to step into the stories of others.
Tammy x

4 responses to “God moments

  1. Leisel Gray says:

    Brilliant Tam
    This is such an encouragement in not only opening up our hearts allowing Him to breathe life into us & our story, but the importance to get into His word. We can receive so much revelation as to who Jesus is & what He desires for our lives & the relationship He wants to have with us through his word.
    Real encouragement, thank you beautiful


  2. Noreen packer says:

    Knowing you are going through a trying time at the moment your words speaking to me are such an encouragement


  3. Barbara Birch says:

    To my beautiful daughter, your words fill my heart with pride. I know God is in the midst of all that is happening at the moment, be encouraged that we are all praying for you. Love you lots Mum x


  4. Bella Thornton says:

    Beautiful, inspiring and encouraging Xx


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