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Sacred space

on November 2, 2016

It’s easy to lose ourselves, the real us. We live in a busy, fast paced world… a loud, noisy world where messages collide with our subconscious constantly. Most of the time we are so busy doing life, we are ignorant to what this busyness is doing to our souls. You see, life speaks words of discontent, it corrupts our sense of self-worth, it pulls at us from all directions and sometimes it causes us to lose our way. We can live our life with little space for margin, and little space to hear from God.

But that’s exactly what we need. I’m convinced that if we want to truly become the people God created us to be we need to make time for the important things that care for our soul and spirit. We need to create space in our life for the sacred. Instead of giving God and ourselves the leftovers, we need to get intentional about setting apart time and space for God to speak. We need to put aside the things that pull us in many directions and find the sacred space that will feed our weary souls.

It’s easy to lose ourselves in the busyness of life, to forget our identity, our calling, our dreams. In fact, we actually have an enemy who’s intent on keeping us from understanding our God-given identity, who’s main aim is to steal, kill and destroy all that God wants to deposit into our lives.

But Jesus came for more! He came to give you and I an abundant life, life to the full! And if we want to experience this life to the full, we better be prepared to quiet the voice of the world and hear the sweet whisper of God’s voice telling us who we really are.

In the sacred space I hear God’s voice of love, speaking life and truth into my soul. He takes my rejection and shame and names me beloved.
In the sacred space I am enough, just as I am. God receives me, He takes my shame and names me righteous.
In the sacred space, God meets my emptiness. He covers me in the shelter of his wing. He meets me with His peace and He is my refuge from the onslaught of life. He takes my burden and names me free.
In the sacred space God prepares me for battle. He clothes me in righteousness, truth, peace, salvation, and faith… and names me victorious.
In the sacred space God’s healing meets my brokeness. The deep places of my heart are given over to the One who loves me and created me, the One who takes my pain and names me healed.
In the sacred space, God’s Spirit touches my spirit and changes me. God takes my imperfect, brings transformation and names me radiant (2 Cor 3:18)
In the sacred space God lifts my eyes from the weight of life’s circumstances to the beauty of His Sovereignty. He takes my worries and names me faith-filled.
In the sacred space God takes my busyness and striving. He sees beyond the doing to who I really am. He silences the world’s demands to prove myself, He speaks into who I really am and names me chosen.
The scared space silences the noisy onslaught of the world so that I can hear the quiet whisper of God. It is a place of truth, a place of transformation and it is where I glimpse the real me.
So I run to His presence, I delight in His love and I am changed by His glory!



4 responses to “Sacred space

  1. Sally Jones says:

    Powerful words Tammy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your session on sacred space came back in the feedback forms as one of the most valued sessions – something on your life right here Tam xxx


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