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I want to see Jesus!

on December 13, 2016

It’s that time of year…where we bundle the family into the car in search of houses covered in flashing lights. Where we oooo and aaahh over these masterpieces and marvel at the handiwork of the owner/designer.

But lately I’ve been on a new quest. A quest to see God in the everyday, to seek Him, to find Him, to see Him.

Most mornings and evenings God puts on a light show of His own. I’m chasing these moments… not everyday but some mornings while everyone’s asleep I’ll slip out onto our verandah and watch the sky washed in the colours of sunrise. I want to see God!

Too often I rush through life with my to do list in hand… and I miss Him. I miss the masterpiece of His creation that is right in front of my eyes.

But tonight I stop. I turn off the noise of the TV and I sit expectantly watching the master painter set the sky ablaze in colours of gold and pink and orange. And I no longer feel the pull and push of life. And peace invades the craziness of doing.

I want to see God in the wind, in the water, in the sunset, in the bread, in the flowers and in the faces of those I love.

In the busyness, I need to stop, I need to pause and know that He is God and He is here. That His presence is here, that He invites me closer. That these glimpses of the Creator are invitations to come closer, to leave the busy and find my peace. I know these moments bring His presence closer, they restore my peace and satisfy my thirsty soul.

I linger, knowing there are jobs waiting for me, kids to put to bed, toys to tidy, clothes to fold. I linger because I don’t want to miss Him. I want to see, I want His presence, I want to seek Him and be found in His masterpiece.

2000 years ago, wise men followed a star to find Jesus. They left the busy, the comfortable, the pull and push of life, to find God-come-to-earth. They followed a light to lead them to His presence.

This Christmas I’m determined to stop, to pause, to seek, to follow, to find this Jesus, the Prince of Peace. I don’t want to get caught up in the craziness and busyness that I forget to seek. It will take intention, it will require resisting the pull and push of life. It will take a commitment to seek and it will mean stopping long enough to open my eyes and see Him living and vibrant in all Creation. I don’t want the busyness of life to crowd out being in His presence. I want to see!

So amidst the search for perfect gifts, delicious food and a parking space, I’m seeking Jesus.

How about you? How will you seek Jesus this Christmas?




4 responses to “I want to see Jesus!

  1. Noreen packer says:

    Timely words at this frantic commercial time of year,I pray that I will also stop and see Jesus in his creation and handiwork

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  2. Sally Jones says:

    Thanks Tammy for such honest and insightful words, and reminding us that God’s invitation to ‘see’ is constantly available to us!

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