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God is in the mess

on July 10, 2017

Does your life ever feel out of control? Chaotic, overloaded, maybe even messy?

Mine often does. But lately no matter how hard I work at making things ordered and calm, it just isn’t!!!! Have you ever done everything you know to do and nothing changes? Me too!

Apparently I don’t have it all together! (This makes me laugh and cry at the same time!)

Many times I feel overwhelmed, stretched, crazy and life just feels messy!

God is reminding me that in the midst of the mess, the chaotic, the process….He is there. And He is creating beauty.

Anyone who has ever done a pottery class knows that to create something beautiful involves a very messy process. A piece of clay running through your hands… there is nothing beautiful about the process. You can’t escape without getting, at the very least, your hands dirty (and probably a whole lot more!). And yet this is the very picture of who we are to be in the hands of God. A piece of clay that is willing to be molded and shaped into His beautiful creation.

‘Yet you, Lord, are our Father.
    We are the clay, you are the potter;
    we are all the work of your hand’. (Isaiah 64:8)

If I’m really honest with you….I don’t like the process!!!! I want the finished product! I want the beautiful pot at the end, but the truth is, the mess is where beauty is created. One day I will be changed in an instant but for now it’s an ongoing process of placing myself in the Potter’s hands, trusting Him as He molds, waters, turns the wheel and fires the pot.

Perhaps the most beautiful part of this story is that God is willing to step into the mess, to get His hands dirty as He tenderly molds and shapes me into a new creation. He’s not afraid of mess and He actually does His best work in the mess:

  • The living bible describes the earth in the beginning as ‘a shapeless chaotic mass’ (Genesis 1:2-5), that is until God spoke and created beauty!
  • He breathed into dust of the earth to form life.
  • Jesus left the beauty of heaven and entered earth in a dirty stable.
  • He bore the wounds and scars of a bloody cross to pay the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

And He continues to step into our mess…daily! He sees our pain, our need for Him and in the messy process, He continues to work all things for good. I don’t understand the process, I can’t see what He’s creating and as much as I want Him to hurry up and get to the all together, fully formed, beautiful pot, I have to trust that my life is in the hands of the Potter who is creating something beautiful in spite of the mess.

The twists and turns of the wheel, the places He waters, the places He presses His finger into, the places He strengthens through the fire…. all of it is creating beauty.

Can I encourage you…embrace the process, trust the Potter, give Him full access to the mess and be assured that He is not scared to get His hands dirty. He is not put off by the mess but He actually creates beauty out of it.

Love and blessings!



8 responses to “God is in the mess

  1. Leanne Wilson says:

    Just the words spoken are enough to uphold the truth!!! Amen sister 👌🙏💪🏾


  2. Christine Canty says:

    Thanks Tammy, for once again sharing your heart and in the process ministering to those of us who read your words.


  3. summer69jb says:

    God is completing an awesome work in us 💕


  4. Sally Jones says:

    Mess and beauty – not so diametrically opposed after all! Love it.


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