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The most excellent way

on June 28, 2021

The most excellent way!

We moved to Sydney when I was 7mths pregnant with Josiah. Another little person in tow, we left everything and everybody we knew to head to the Big Smoke! To say I was homesick was an understatement!

But on a hot day in February, just 3 weeks into our new adventure, I got invited over to the church hall. To my absolute surprise a group of young, gung-ho, filled-up-with-Jesus’-love mums had thrown me a baby shower.

That day was a turning point for me. I went from feeling alone, unseen, homesick…to knowing that I would be ok, that God had placed me in a church family who were willing to walk alongside me with the love of Jesus.

I learnt a lot from those girls. They were fiercely passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with others. They ran playgroups at our church and they made sure that everyone that entered that place felt seen and cared for. They cooked meals for people, ran errands looked after your kids when you weren’t well. They showed up!!!

I’ve spent many years growing in my understanding of the love God has for me, living into my belovedness as His daughter. But I pray that I don’t take this journey alone… that I’m taking some people with me and making the most of the moments God gives me to love His beloved ones.

At the end of 1 Corinthians 12 Paul exhorts us ‘to eagerly desire the greater gifts…yet I will show you the most excellent way.’ And there begins the lesson on love. The most excellent way is a way of love, being filled with the love of God so that we can shower the world with it. Knowing we are the beloved so that we can help another glimpse their belovedness.

Life is busy and full and sometimes we miss the people God puts right in front of us, we miss the opportunity to stop and notice a fellow beloved child of God, to reach out and say ‘hey, you are seen, you are His beloved, you are fought for. Abba Father is CRAZY about you!’

I pray that our eyes will be opened to see others the way God sees them, to let go of our prejudices, our busyness, our own importance and to take the time to help another experience the deep, long, high and wide love that God has for them.

Love makes a way. Love mends a heart. Love makes a stranger feel at home.




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